9 Pillars for Transforming India by the Finance Minister in India’s Budget of 2016-17

Some Key Highlights of the Budget 2016-17:   1         Agriculture/farm and welfare          Rs.86,500 Cr. on Irrigation in a span of around 5 yrs          Rs 35,984 Cr. allocated for Agriculture in 2016-17 2         Rural Sector         100% Rural Electrification by 2018         Rs 87,765 Cr. for rural development         4 new projects in Dairy sector 3         Social…



Hi. This is GG (Giridhar Gopal). Hope you are having a marvelous day. Today, the younger generation has realised that mere book vomiting will not bring success in life. Vivekananda was an out-of -the-box thinker. He said, “The world is ready to give up its secrets if we only know how to knock, how to give the necessary blow. The strength and force of the blow come through concentration”. Dear…



She came like a sweet summer breeze, Wafting a mellifluous song. The song remained, The breeze vanished, Left tear distilled memories. Please follow and like us:20


Patriotism & Indian Cars

  We Indians are patriotic. We go to any extremes to defend our country and the national flag. Our Tricolour is the umbilical cord that binds us to this blessed land. We proudly proclaim that anyone can be born in India but, they can never become a true Indian. The true Indian heritage is unique only to an Indian.  The Indian blood. Patriotic to the last drop. Proud to be…

smart phone

A Cheapest Smart Phone by an Indian Company for Just $5 Only.

An Indian company based at Noida, Delhi offering an Android smartphone for about Rs.251 that is about $5. Incredible to know that an Indian company can offer the world’s cheapest phone. This can happen only in India, by Indians. Branded as Ringing Bells Freedom 251. The great effort by the current Modiji’s government’s vision of empowering the last Indian has made it possible for this kind of feat, where he is…