9 Steps On How Dating A Girlfriend

9 Steps On How Dating A Girlfriend

Life is always better when you share it with. If it is a girl/women it really has a great importance’s. If you do not have a relationship for a while or just got out of one now, or new and shy to dating. Then you might be wondering on how to get on. There are many ways but would like to share some useful tips here.

Is it that are you really on the lookout for a friend in a Girl / Women.

There are a lot of reasons for your not having a girlfriend. The first reason seems that you have not made up your mind in having to start a look for a good friend that to a Girl. Now decide whether you are just looking for a casual hookup or having a passion for continuing. A Girl / Women can sense when a man is not ready for a commitment. Prepare yourself for what is your interest in, is it stable life relationship, do not want or have planned for the future or just dating.

Type of relationship required.

Once decided on what your requirement is. List all of them you want in a girlfriend. If you stick to the list you will never find the exact one. It is always good to have an idea of what type suits you. Sometimes in the process, you may overlook someone amazing. Knowing the type of relationship required helps you to find the best in her. It also helps for you to prepare a conversation plan with a number of choices.

Prepare your Image and presentation.

Generally, women / Girl are not attracted to men. There are attracted to the confidence of your presentation. Like say, there are people who dress stylish, but are not properly fit in. There are a few mistakes committed by men say those who are overweight and try to hide by wearing clothes loose do not appear too appealing to women/girl. Even in the case of hygiene trimmed pubic hair, nails groomed and clean would improve their imagination of men. Nowadays even hair styling has caught upto their choices.it is also say health matters. When they see a lot in the long run like overweight, smelling bad, greasy hairs, which is definitely not going to help men with the ladies.

The best place to find one.

Men commit mistakes for looking for a girl /women in public places like bars and clubs. But girls/ women there are not good choices. Even if intentions of the men are good you still have to be content with a night stand only. You would probably be wasting time with them, who aren’t suiting your choices. You can find good ones at a volunteer’s clubs, go to an art opening, local community centers, online dating website, by using the social gatherings. Men can find them with the same interest men would like to find in as per the list.

Confidence Building.

It is to share positive approach between the opposite. Women / Girl look confident in the men like their jobs, going to a gym, knowing of more knowledge and not boastful. Being positive is the best way to build confidence. While you are with them never say bad things about the places, drink selection, menu before knowing about their choices. The negativity will sheer all the built up little you could have created. Also, plain speaking or openness takes your interest placed in them.



It is an art which not always gives the desired result. But has a positive effect on them. The first and the best to start is by eye contact and letting her know about your interest in her and only her. This may make her feel on the top of the world as if she is the only person in your life. They would love this feeling and would seek more of this kind of feelings. How to create this kind of feeling? By only looking at her not anyone else. Shower some praises as she is having pretty eyes and so forth. Keep tab of everything she says about her likes and casually brings it up again later if you to share the same or atleast acknowledging the same.

Try getting to know her better and ask for frequent sharing of Commons. The ultimate should be to make them feel good and enjoy your company and longing to see you back.

Dating Rules.

Most important part of dating is its rules. If you try to act smart or funny you will end up sleazy or say cheaply. Just be yourself, there are rules on these. Do not get drunk or do not show if you have the habit of drinking heavenly. Never talk about your past girl friend or their experience. Listen to her as if showing more interest in her talk. Keep asking a question which she will seem flattered. All the time do not give her the impression that she is the only one and do not divert attention. Always follow her with giving and reminding of the dates, do not send text or email messages.

How to ask for a date now?

Once you find that the girl is now ready to be asked for a date, do not be fast in putting forth the question. They like men who are confident. Now ask her if she’d like to go on a date with you. Make it clear that’s only a date. Start with a movie and a nice restaurant. They will give a green if they have a clear idea of what to expect. If you are meeting them for the first time then start only with the exchange of phone nos. On the first date, men should be more casual and get to know more about each other. Drinks will never work out on the first date.

Decision of dating and beyond.

When you start dating them and if you like her and her interest, decide whether you want to have her for life or just a date with some physical relationship. Games are fun. If she likes you and the same with you, do not make her jealous, or make her wait, or degrade her. This will spoil the relationship, and if you opt only for friendship, then she should be part of your present life, not entire life. By working on a healthy building a life with her and would like to be a part. You increase your choice of having a good girl friend and also having a happy and healthy relationship.

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