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Writers team with a difference.



Hi !  Writing is my passion. Not just today or yesterday. Right from my school days. Topic or content is irrelevant to me. I write for the love of writing. In my high school days, I won the first prize in an essay writing competition. Though the topic was “Journey in an Aeroplane’, my  essay was a description of the view from the aircraft, right from the take off to the landing and it even surpassed the word limits. Even though there wasn’t any story or anecdote in it, I still won the top prize purely on the basis of the descriptive content. That’s me. When I am on a roll, I rock’n’roll. So, after spending  many years in different fields, I am thrilled to get back to my True, Original, Passion – Writing.

Anuradha Agarwal


Words are, of course, the most powerful weapons used by mankind. Good experience of translation as well as transcription. Audio, video creating and editing expert. I am a Ph.D. holder in Hindi and have good command on languages. The most important thing for any project is quality.  I believe in quality work. B.A. degree in English language and literature, having more than 7 years of writing experience in various genres. I provide you SEO optimized, high quality, well-researched, blog, articles, web content, product descriptions/reviews and E-books within your given deadlines. Our work is always Copy Scape tested before delivering to the client. Every business has a story and a value proposition that sets them apart from other businesses. We excel in bringing out that story for the clients’ business and refining it in the form of content that builds connections with your customers/clients. An effective and persuasive content is our guarantee to you. Let us work to get those press releases, copy-writing, content writing, proofreading, and editing projects be effective and yet hassle free.

Rajesh G Raja

A Freelance Writer and Designer. Diploma in BIM, core to Designing with Autodesk products. Written articles on in-house content magazine, designing Logos, brochure designing, ghost writing, and academic materials. Has rich experience in civil engineering, land scaping, and construction. A writer with a difference in all types of writing. Writers creates different forms of literary art and creative writing such as novels, poetry, short stories, plays, screenplays, essay reports, and news articles.

 Gridhar Gopal



Grad in Commerce, specializing in Cost and Works Accountancy. I have been in the Indian Banking industry from 1978 to 2006. Passion in Yoga changed career in the later part to become a yoga teacher with the help of various great teachers since 1976. Has conducted various training programmes in Vinyasa Power Yoga, Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga,  Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Pilates, NLP, Self – Hypnosis for Success, Motivation, Memory techniques, 60 soft – skill techniques along with fun-filled games for concentration and memory improvement. Write inspirational articles in blogs. Content writing is also a passion.

Dhevika Rani

trainer- counselor

Dhevika Rani, Writer and Trainer by passion and counselor by choice.   Born in the University of Self-motivated Professionals, i.e., in a household of self-motivated mom and dad who are always in autopilot mode.  Had a wonderful childhood that prepared me for the life ahead with its valuable learning and lessons.  Thoroughly enjoyed my college that showed and added different colors to my life.  Currently,  living in Chennai, India.  Graduated from APAU and did my post graduation from TNOU.

Love taking time to do things right the first time.  Believing in meaningful and wholesome success in life and give the same to my clients.   Fell in love with my professions namely writing, training, and counseling and continue to do so.  Always passionate, enthusiastic, and thrilled about what I do.  Believe and enjoy continuous learning and value addition.  I am a freelancer, training and coaching people from various walks of life for the last 15 years.  Enjoy what I do for my living.  I try hard to give ultimate satisfaction to my clients whom I work with.  I ensure they have valuable takeaways from the services I offer them.

Through training, coaching, and mentoring, I have guided people to best fit into career and life by helping them identify their core strengths and strengthening their strengths and weakening their weaknesses and finally give an extraordinary new beginning to their life as takeaway. With my counseling experience, I help people make their life  more fun filled, happy, and wholesome by facilitating to integrate their mind, body, and soul. With my wisdom and experience gained over years, I help  people shape their lives and make them scale their dream heights through life coaching.