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Weavers Word is a group with a commitment towards society. We wish to enhance the efficiency of those around us. Offering services and training courses that will have a great social impact.


Weavers Word offers Web hosting solutions. We offer complete solutions to all your concerns regarding designing, hosting, and maintaining your website creation. The templates we provide are excellent state of art ones with responsive sites. We design websites as per your needs and requirements.  The customized content we provide in your web pages will cater to all your specific needs. Whatever be the objective of your website, – Business, Social or Personal, we shall design them as per feel and taste. And we provide complete trouble free maintenance solutions.


Youth the untapped resource of the society. Many time this vast resource with huge business generation potential is left uncared and untouched. Weavers Word’s commitment to society is to encourage and motivate the youth and the needy citizens to fulfill their financial needs and obligations by earning money through online business modules. To realize their full potential and achieve their goal we provide different kinds of training. Our ultimate aim is to tap the huge potential of the vast youth population, facilitate them to discover their potential through the various online income streams. We have devised innovative initiatives to strengthen and empower youth to attain financial independence through the various training methods and modules.


Weavers Word comprises of a group of writers specialized in different forms of writing – Creative and Original content writing. We undertake projects in any kind of writing solutions, with regard to SEO content, E-Books, specialized research-based articles, academic writing, and creative writing.

Online Promotion

Weavers Word is diversifying into the realm of product promotional activity. The focus product of our promotional activity is centered on a niche segment, namely dehydrated fruits. As we all know fruits are a rich source of many essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Fruits are naturally low in calories and fat. Fruits, a rich source of dietary fibers and help to facilitate the functioning of the digestive tract. They boost the immune system promotes physical, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The dehydrated fruits promote are available in different forms such as fruit rolls ups, bars, mini bars, buttons, and chunks.It is ideal to consume the fruits fresh, raw or ripe, to obtain the maximum health benefits. It is not practically possible to get all the fruits all the time throughout the year. The next best alternative is a dehydrated form of the fruit. When dehydrated using the solar power under greenhouse conditions, the original, true form, flavor, and taste are retained.

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