Why Visit Temple?

Why Visit Temple?

What is a Temple?

A Hindu temple or mandir (Sanskrit: mandir, मन्दिर, प्रासाद prāsāda), a structure designed to bring human beings and gods together, using symbolism to express the ideas and beliefs of Hinduism. The symbolism and structure of a Hindu temple rooted in Vedic traditions. Courtesy :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_temple


The structure and location of Temple

Temples built where there are energy generated from magnetic and electric waves passing under the ground. The Idol is placed in the center of the temple. The Garbhagraham or Moolasthanam is the place where the positive energy released. Before placing the Idol, there is buried some copper plates which are scripted with Vedic hymns the copper absorbs the magnetic and electric waves and spreads the positive energy all around the place.


Visiting the Temple

The area around the temple was a positive energy spread, visiting the area with barefoot allows the energy pass to the body through the foot. Added, if a person walks in the clockwise direction also receives positive energy and live a healthy life. The five senses also activated.


The Five Senses

The Hearing Sense: While visiting the temple we first should ring the bell, which hung above at the entrance of the Moolasthanam. The bell devised in such a way that by ringing it a sound produced which creates a balance to the left and right side of the brain. The echo of the sound at least lasts for 7 seconds, which activates all the 7 Chakras of the body.

The Smell Sense: Flower offerings some specific once like Roses, Jasmine, and marigold to name a few. The fragrance of the flowers and the incense burnt helps in increasing the essence of smell senses in giving pleasant calmness to the minds.

The Sight Sense: We generally do prayers with our eyes closed. The inner of the Moolasthanam is usually dark so when we open the eyes after the prayers to see the Aarthi the light of the idol illuminates the sight senses.

The Touch Sense: This sense activated after the Aarthi is shown before. We pass the hand over the Aarthi and when we touch the eyes with the warmth of the hands.

The Taste Sense: In the temple, when offered sacred water named as theertam. Which comprises of tulasi, cloves, saffron, cardamom, and pachha karpooram ( benzoin) soaked in water overnight or for more than 8 hours in a copper vessel or silver utensil. By drinking, the theertam proved to be a very good blood purifier.


Other Benefits

Applying tilak often believed that by applying tilak between the eyebrows prevents loss of energy, controls various levels of concentrations.

Ear piercing said to boost our intellect, thinking power, decision-making capabilities, and disrespectful behavior.



The ringing of bells, chanting of prayers, fragrance from the flowers and incense, and burning of camphor, effects of all these energies comprised of the positive energy from the idol. Our elders always keep suggesting us to offer prayers in the temples. Which we get the positive energy that helps in curing many ailments. It is advised that men do not wear shirts or any other dress while visiting some temples. For women, it is advised them to wear more ornament. During temple visits, the positive energy charges the jewels which absorbed by the women. Visiting the temple a very good and gives peace of mind with all the positive energy gets charged up.

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7 Replies to “Why Visit Temple?”

  1. Nice article Rajesh. It would be nice if you can elaborate more about the effect on the five senses.

  2. A lovely article. When we are not able to make it to the temple every day, we can create this holiness within our home – the abhishekam that we do for our small idols delights our eyes, the decoration with flowers must be done with an aesthetic sense, the agarbathis take us into a meditating mood, the bell ringing keeps all evil spirits away… this is bliss……. wonderful Mr Rajesh!!

  3. Very useful article. In today’s busy life when we are not able to make it to the temple every day, we should visit Temple at least every week to satisfy our five seance. wonderful, Mr Rajesh.

  4. Good article madam. Your efforts should be congratulated. You can write about our poojas and cultures also. Commendable work.

    1. Thanks Sir,

      Your suggestion is very valuable will add our pooja and cultures also in the article. Thanks

      With Regards,
      Rajesh Raja.

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